Artist’s Digital Marketing Guide: How To Develop An Effective Art Marketing Strategy?

Covid-19 crises have made an impact on the global economy. During these crises, many people lost their jobs and some had to shut their industries because they were unable to meet the overhead expenditures.

Artists, painters, musicians lost the platform from where they earned. The major sources of income for artists were exhibitions where they showcased their work of art.

Looking at the current scenario, it is certain that the exhibitions or events will not be held in the near future. Time has changed and it is essential to change the strategies to market your services or products.

As a digital marketing expert, we emphasize on the marketing of products at different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.

Let’s discuss in detail how these platforms can benefit the artists.

Establishing Brand Presence On Instagram/ Facebook/ Pinterest

In this article, we will be talking about Instagram and Facebook. Instagram has received huge traction in recent years. It is used by influencers, bloggers, vloggers, businesses across the globe.

Nike is now 120 million followers strong and stands out as a brand liked by many on Instagram.

Similarly, Victoria Secret has more than 68 million followers on Instagram.

Now, what do these brands do? These brands reach out to the audiences through Instagram. They promote their products on Instagram to reach out to multiple audiences at a time.

Artists too can promote their work on Instagram. They can sell their artwork on Instagram through the market place. Facebook and Instagram market places are the best to reach out to your target audiences.

Ross Symons is an artist. He holds The Origami account and posts origami figures to his account since 2014. Every day for 18 months he posted something related to Origami and started gaining new Instagram followers to his account. He now owns 1+ million followers on his Instagram account

Just after a year, Ross was able to earn enough through his Instagram account that he decided to quit his 9-5 job at White On Rice.

Artists too can promote their products on Instagram. If you are good at connecting with your audience through your artwork, you can reach millions of audiences at a time. All you need to understand is people like unique work. They hate boring content, so make sure you have enough unique content for your audiences to keep them engaged in your platform.

SellIng The ArtWork On other Platforms

If you are unable to sell your artwork to the right audiences, then platforms like Draint is for you. The Draint enables artists to reach their target audiences within a span of a short duration. It also gives the artists the ability to showcase their work on their Instagram handles through which artists can meet their prospective clients.  Their website is new so there are some issues regarding the functionality but the platform has already more than 150k organic followers on Instagram. The 150k art lovers reach the Draint ArtGalley to look for the best art pieces all across the globe.

Through the Draint, artists can promote and sell their art pieces online easily and effortlessly.

What to Do To Reach Out To Your Target Audiences On Instagram

Content is the king but before that to make your content visible to your audiences makes use of the hashtags. Making use of the right hashtags promotes your content to the places it should be visible. Art lovers search for artwork under dedicated hashtags and then through that they reach out to your Instagram handle to connect.

Sell Your Artwork On Instagram and Facebook

Yes, now Instagram and Facebook enable users to sell their products to the end customers. All you need to do is set up your market place on Facebook and Instagram to sell.

You can use platforms like Draint Artwork, Ecwid, Or Shopify to market your products. Shopify and Ecwid both the platforms can be utilized for creating your online store. These platforms can be used for activating Facebook and  Instagram shop.


Facebook,  Instagram, and Pinterest are the platforms that artists use to showcase their artwork. These platforms establish the relationship between you and customers. They connect you with the right customers from across the globe and ensures you reach the right audiences at the right time.

Now both Facebook and Instagram allow you to sell your products easily through these platforms.

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