Using Social Media To Promote Your Brands

The use of social media for branding purposes has proliferated in recent years. People are now reaching out to different social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok to advertise their products and services. In the second quarter of 2020, Facebook alone had an audience of 2.7 million active monthly users. The reach of these social media handles is so vast that more and more businesses advertise their products on social media.

A lot of business are yet to realise the power of social media. To understand it’s power, one must dig deeper into how the advertisement needs to be done on social media.

When we talk about social media branding, we take into consideration the paid and unpaid branding of the products.

Unpaid Branding: The branding of products is done through social media without investing any money. The products are posted on the business page along with the hashtags, and only the selected audiences can reach out to you.

Paid Branding: The paid branding is always better than unpaid branding. Since millions of active users are on social media, it is difficult to reach out to them organically. Products, when advertised on social media through paid advertisements, reach masses to achieve the desired results.

Why Social Media Is Important For Business Branding

Builds Awareness: Spreading awareness about your business is crucial to let the customers know you are there in the market. Social media enhances your brand visibility. Make sure you stay active on social media to attend your customers. New businesses are taking good care of expanding their brand presence through social media and resolving customer queries in time. With social media accounts, new companies reach out to more and more potential customers in short duration.

Launching New Products: Social Media plays a significant role in enabling businesses to introduce a newly launched product in the market. Posts created for featuring new products enables customers to buy these products more easily. People will have better clarity of your brand through social media which will compel them to purchase the product.

Affordable: Social Media is one of the most affordable platforms to grow your business. Within a short span of a second, you can reach more and more customers. The advertisements running on social media platforms are more affordable than print media advertisements. These advertisements reach more audiences from different parts of the globe without spending a lot of money.

Selecting the Best Social Media Handle For Your Brand Advertisement

There is no benefit of advertising for your business if you fail to select the right social media handle. Do thorough research before selecting the right social media handle to advertise. If you are selling apparel, then make sure you either select Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. There is no benefit to advertising your apparel brand on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has a mature audience and has more professionals reaching out to connect with business professionals in specific.  The advertisement on LinkedIn can be done for businesses offering some sort of services that benefits other businesses.


Social Media plays a critical role in business marketing and branding of products or services. If you have a newly launched business or an old business then needs recognition from the masses, this is the platform for you.  We at SWITCH help you manage your business social media handles in limited time duration. Get in touch with our experts for details!

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